Education Department Says Schools Must Post Previously Hidden Title IX Training Materials

Article here. Excerpt:

'For years, accused students have been at a disadvantage due to the hiding of materials used to train Title IX adjudicators. During lawsuits, accused students are rarely able to obtain the training materials that would show supposedly neutral investigators were actually trained to believe accusers and not the accused.

When those materials were obtained, they showed that Title IX investigators tasked with looking into claims of student-on-student sexual assault were trained to believe that women rarely, if ever, lie about sexual assault. Training materials include the misleading and biased statistic that just 2% of sexual assault allegations are false, which would naturally give investigators the idea that they would be wise to believe the accusation no matter what the evidence suggests, because more than nine times out of 10, they would be right.

As I have reported numerous times, the statistic that very few sexual assault allegations are false is simply incorrect. The truth is that we don’t know how many are really false. The 2% to 10% figure only refers to allegations that were proven false and classified by police as such. Using this same logic, one could say just 2% to 3% are true, since that’s how many allegations lead to an arrest, trial, and guilty verdict.

Further, the statistic applies to police reports. College campuses have a much lower bar and a far higher incentive to find for the accuser no matter the evidence, meaning false accusations are likely to be he higher, since they can be used to get a man kicked off campus quite easily.'

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