SAVE: Rep. Jackie Speier Plays on COVID Fears to Block Reform of Kangaroo Courts

A 49-member Democratic posse lead by survivor-focused Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA), jumped onto the already-crowded legislative coronavirus excuse train, sending a letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos claiming finalizing Title IX regulations would “gut protections for survivors”. [1]

Speier’s letter reinforces her efforts which began in 2017 [2], when she introduced a bill to codify Title IX protections for survivors of sexual assault.

Both attempts undermine Secretary DeVos’s responsibility to restore constitutional due process protections for all students and faculty.

Speier's recent plea states “It is inappropriate to engage in Title IX rulemaking--and indeed, any non-emergency rule making--during this unprecedented time of crisis and it demonstrates a disregard for the crisis taking place.”

SAVE posits there are at least two crises taking place. The first began with the infamous 2011 Dear Colleague letter [3], and the second began this year with the novel coronavirus. Secretary DeVos is appropriately handling both. [4]

Please call Congresswoman Jackie Speier @ (202) 225-3531 or tweet @RepSpeier, and remind her lack of due process afforded to all students and faculty across the United States IS an American crisis.

Thank you,
The SAVE team


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for anything but addressing the virus; however, it is ok for piglosi and progs to demand pork funding for an entire prog wish list before agreeing to vote on $$ for victims of the virus.

if we were being invaded with foreign troops already pouring onto our shores, who would be surprised if progs made their socialist agenda a requirement for funding of resistance efforts?

its really about the same thing. we are fighting a war and they want pork projects as a requirement for funding. how is that diff?

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