University hid rape accuser’s HIV claim from accused student until he sued for gender bias

Article here. Excerpt:

'Months after his suspension by the hand of a single Title IX investigator, a student accused of sexual assault stumbled upon terrifying news that he was possibly exposed to HIV.

“John Doe” asked a federal judge Friday to compel Indiana Wesleyan University to contact his accuser to verify “the truth of her assertion” – hidden from him during the proceeding – that she was HIV-positive.

Owing to his “serious underlying health conditions,” John has been “quarantined at home with his family for weeks now” to avoid a life-threatening coronavirus infection, according to the emergency motion for a temporary restraining order. That’s why he initially chose not to go out and get tested for HIV.

John’s Title IX discrimination lawsuit claims that the decision to suspend him was made in “less than seven days,” with no hearing or opportunity to question his accuser or appeal the finding.'

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