Ohio State Responds to Complaint of Male Discrimination

Article here. Excerpt:

'In a Dec. 5 letter to Ohio State, the Cleveland office notified the university of the complaint and that the department would be opening an investigation. Because Ohio State receives federal financial assistance, the university must comply with Title IX, which prohibits “discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity.”

However, Alexandra Tracy-Ramirez, an attorney who specializes in Title IX and its dynamics in higher education, said some of the programs might not be in violation because of Title IX exemptions that say separation by sex is allowed if it offers “remedial or affirmative action” and that programs can be offered to just women “to overcome the effects of conditions which resulted in limited participation therein by persons of a particular sex.”

Perry’s complaint said men and boys were not permitted to apply for the nine scholarships and programs, an issue he said represents a “blind spot” and a double standard in higher education.

“We’re still treating women as if they’re facing obstacles and challenges and directing financial resources that are not only illegal, according to Title IX, but I’m saying they’re really unnecessary today to get special preferences for women when they’re the ones that have been more successful in higher education than men for almost 40 years,” he said.'

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