Husband-stabbing: When male-haters masquerade as feminists

Article here. Excerpt:

'There is a group of dangerous male-hating women on social media pretending to be feminists. They are bitter, bloodthirsty misandrists who hide under the cloak of championing female rights. Some are divorcees and cannot get over it; some are unmarried and unmarriageable; some were dropped by men because of their bad traits; some assumed they had a relationship when there was none; some grew up in violent homes and saw their mothers abused by their fathers; some were sexually molested and still suffering the trauma; some are mentally or psychologically unstable.

These women create different groups on social media, where they teach impressionable women the best ways to kill their husbands or boyfriends. They teach these naive women how to deal with men and show them the stuff they are made of. Even on their social media walls, they spit fire and regularly call men the scum of the earth that should be dispensed with. The pliable women lap up everything they hear and start seeing all men as monsters that should be dealt with. Their male partners become opponents and enemies that should never be given an inch of space. Such partners become guilty until proved innocent. Soon, their relationships start to crack and eventually pack up.'

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