Stop Lying About Our Sons

Article here. Excerpt:

'Boys are not bad. Boys do not need to be fixed. Boys do not need to be more like girls. And no matter how many lazy pieces of faux-journalism appear that shame our sons as inherently toxic and expendable, we will fight to ensure that they know that the culture is lying to them.
I never thought we would reach a point where it was commonplace to hear social commentators, journalists and presidential candidates awfulize boys and men — our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons — simply because they are male. There were always those fringe women’s studies professors and radical feminists who made their living by hating on men but I couldn’t have imagined that such ugliness would infect the public discourse and be lauded as brave, let alone enlightened.
It is not enlightened. In fact, it is woefully uninformed. And it is cruel.'

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