Women Were Charged With Making False Rape Accusations. The Charges Were Dismissed.

Article here. Excerpt:

'A county in Kansas last year dropped charges against three women suspected of filing false rape accusations. The county’s response was not to make it less palatable for someone to file a false accusation, but to actually make it easier to file such a claim.

Douglas County law enforcement officials will be “updating” their training of attorneys and victim/witness coordinators to include radical new “trauma-informed” training material, which essentially teaches that any evidence of a false accusation is actually evidence of trauma caused by a real accusation. The Associated Press reported that Lawrence, Kansas, District Attorney Charles Branson announced last week that employees in his office, as well as police detectives in the county, would have to complete a five-hour training course on how to conduct “trauma-informed” sexual assault investigations. That’s right, such “training” only ever applies to sexual assault investigations, not murders or burglaries or any other type of crime, in which an accuser who appears to be lying will be regarded suspiciously while an investigation takes place.'

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