UK: Children being circumcised 'without consent of both parents' at Leicester clinic

Article here. Excerpt:

'Children are being circumcised without both of their parents’ consent at a private clinic in Leicester, according to health inspectors.

Staff from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) visited the Community Health Centre on Melbourne Road where a private twice weekly circumcision clinic is run.

A summary of the service provided in the report said: “The service provides circumcision to those under 18 years of age for non-therapeutic reasons under local anaesthetic.
The service was rated requires improvement, in part down to the fact that children were being operated on without evidence that both parents had agreed to the procedure.

British Medical Association and General Medical Council guidelines state that: “Where a child has two parents with parental responsibility, doctors considering circumcising a child must satisfy themselves that both have given valid consent. If a child presents with only one parent, the doctor must make every effort to contact the other parent in order to seek consent.”'

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