Knox College: Staff assesses low retention causes

Article here. Excerpt:

'There have also been notable demographic changes over the past six years.

Latinx and black students now make up a smaller portion of students who leave than they do at Knox overall, which is the opposite from six years ago, Ehrlich told Senate.

Now, white students and male-identifying students leave at a disproportionate rate. The only correlation with reasons the administration found was with men leaving more for mental health reasons.

“That’s not a surprise because male-identifying students are less likely to (…) be willing to go to counseling (…) I think it’s a stigma issue,” Ehrlich said.

The loss of male students also presents a new concern with the gender balance of the school. Knox already, like most colleges, has more women than men, so losing a disproportionate number of men would change the current balance, Ehrlich said.'

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