Women-only business groups marginalize and fail to empower members

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women-only business networks fail to boost female entrepreneurship and instead serve to marginalise further the very people they seek to help.

New research from the University of Edinburgh Business School, Lancaster University Management School and Dublin City University Business School, published in the Journal of Economic Geography, found the networks are unable to overcome bigger societal issues that prevent more women from pursuing their own businesses.

Policy makers see the drive to increase female entrepreneurship as key to helping foster national and regional economic growth. However, women lag behind men in terms of business ownership, growth and access to resources.
The networks tend to be more geographically restricted and focus more on social support over business development, failing to provide a platform to address issues of gender inequality in entrepreneurship.'

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When you shut out half the pop'n from your business network, you won't be able to compete effectively against ppl who don't do that. Simple enough.

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