Opinion: Feminism needs to pipe down

Article here. Excerpt:

'The terms ‘bra-burning’ and ‘man-hating’ describe the movement exactly in that many feminists tend to take their protesting and campaigning to radical extremes.

Modern feminism, and the international movements that follow, spread ideas of women in dominance, rather than equality amongst all sex. This is a broad issue because it separates society as a whole.

Nowadays, there is no need for vocal calls against female oppression. Women are now allowed to vote, gain an education, have a stable job, vote in society, enlist in the army, file for divorce, and much more. They have equal rights.'

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What makes this article even better is that it was written by a young woman, and published on an educational site. Maybe there is a chance for reprieve yet.

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Nothing makes me happier than to see intelligent young women refuse to place themselves inside the ficticious gilded cage that is feminism.

Something tells me her male peers must think she's awesome.

Kudos to the school for having a backbone and publishing it instead of kowtowing to the snowflakes!

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