Warwick pastor sentenced for false allegations

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Warwick pastor and Christian rock singer will spend a night in jail before starting 18 months of home confinement after she was sentenced in Kent County Court on Tuesday.

Kelly Shannon admitted to two counts of filing false police reports and one count of using a computer for fraudulent purposes under a plea deal. One of those counts is a felony. The rest are misdemeanors.

Christy Gilroy, whose son was falsely accused of rape in the case, spoke exclusively with the NBC 10 I-Team.
At age 13, he was charged with raping a teenage girl. He was sent to the state Training School and forced to wear an ankle bracelet. The case against him was dismissed after the girl admitted that Shannon told her to lie about the rape.

"I believe if she never came clean, my son's name would have never been cleared," Gilroy said. "There was never a sexual assault. It was all made up because I put a restraining order on Kelly Shannon."'

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