Sharf: Colorado higher ed circles the Title IX wagons

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Colorado Department of Higher Education has announced its appointments to its Title IX review committee, and they seem likely to reinforce the system’s bias against college men. This shouldn’t be too surprising coming from a governor who’s OK with campus kangaroo courts. Indeed, last year, Gov. Polis signed a bill that the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education notes will enshrine such courts into law:
Valerie Simons of UC Boulder, for instance, gave an interview soon after coming on board in which she indicated that those were her priorities. In the entire interview, there is literally not one word of concern for the men who might be accused of such behavior, or for a process to safeguard their own rights. It’s unclear whether the several lawsuits that the UC system has seen from men suspended, expelled, or otherwise punished have taught her anything.'

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