Washington bill would further empower Title IX kangaroo courts against professors

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the subjects of the 2019 novel Campusland is the weaponization of campus bureaucratic processes against faculty. One character in particular finds himself mired in discrimination and Title IX investigations provoked by woke student activists and a romantically rebuffed student.

It’s not a surprise that faculty would see the deck stacked against them in these investigations. They may conclude that the only course of action that won’t leave them drowning in legal fees – and even more publicity – is simply to leave the college and make a fresh start elsewhere.

Activists and politicians have branded such efforts as “passing the harasser,” assuming that any employee who leaves a college while under investigation must be guilty. The latest effort to remove the presumption of innocence from accused faculty is taking place in Washington state.

The Seattle Times reports that a lawmaker has drafted a bill that would force faculty to disclose “substantiated findings of sexual misconduct” when they apply for other college jobs. (“Substantiated” could mean nothing more than a “single investigator” believes it’s more likely than not that an accused instructor is guilty – the exact situation in Campusland.)

But it goes even further. They would also have to disclose “ongoing investigations” against them – efforts that may drag on for years, involving multiple appeals or the filing of new accusations when the accused faculty beat the initial charges (Laura Kipnis, for example).'

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