New Ohio prison nursery brings moms coping skills, hope

Article here. Excerpt:

'Akila Jones considers herself “hard-headed,” someone who hasn’t always wanted to follow the rules.

Her stubbornness is partly why she refused to pull her car over this spring, and instead led Cincinnati police on a high-speed chase.

Her poor decision led to a felony conviction and an 18-month prison sentence in the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

Shortly before entering prison, she became pregnant, an ill-timed misfortune, outsiders might say. But today, she gazes at 4-month-old Kajuan Currie as a gift.

Among the 2,500 inmates in the Marysville prison, Jones, 28, is one of a handful of new moms in the Achieving Baby Care Success program offering parenting and coping skills — and a cooing, babbling roommate that keeps her grounded.'

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Bet it'd work on more than a few male prisoners, too.

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