Feminists now seek supremacy. They’re winning.

Article here. Excerpt:

'History is marked by milestones. Like signs on the road, they have no intrinsic significance except to signal change. Such as this statement by Barack Obama – two-term President, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, best president of this era (per 44% of Americans), rated the twelfth best US President in C-Span’s 2017 survey of historians. He tells us that sexism is respectable again!

“Now women, I just want you to know; you are not perfect, but what I can say pretty indisputably is that you’re better than us [men]. I’m absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything …living standards and outcomes.”

This is what victory by feminists looks like. It has become commonplace to hear men’s speeches in which they proudly say that they are inferior to their wives. But now women, as a group, are better. Many are not shy about saying so. In 2010 Hanna Rosin wrote “The End of Men” in The Atlantic, expanded into a book: The End of Men: And the Rise of Women. Other similar articles and books are listed at the end of this post. This is not just ideology, but reality in some ways. For a decade I have written about the coming gender role reversal bringing women on top of men (links here). Now it is obvious to all who care to see.
It’s not just that women are doing better (that’s a good thing), but that the absolute condition of men is deteriorating. Not by accident. Our society works diligently to crush boys, as described in The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It by Warren Farrell and John Gray (2018). They describe how this is done and the sad consequences. I (and others) have also been documenting this (e.g., here and here). The British news media (less PC, more competitive than those in the US) publish stories such as “Boys left to fail at school because attempts to help them earn wrath of feminists, says ex-Ucas chief” by Camila Turner in The Telegraph (2018). See posts about the war on boys.'

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