How 2 women’s trip to a Florida strip club sparked a constitutional bout in court

Article here. Excerpt:

'On her weekly trips to an Orlando strip club, Brittney Smith noticed that one of the dancers looked familiar.

The exotic dancer, who the Orlando woman had noticed on regular stops there with a male friend, looked much like her friend Anita Yanes. So when Yanes came to visit from Alabama, Smith thought it’d be fun for the two friends to go to Rachel’s Orlando to see the doppelganger.

However, the two were denied entry to the club, told by both a hostess and a manager that it was against policy to allow women in without men to prevent domestic incidents, prostitution and distractions for their male clientele.

That incident at an Orlando strip club — billed as a “World Class Men’s Club & Steak House" — set off a chain of events and legal actions that now has cities and counties all over Florida worried about the future of their civil-rights laws.'

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... women-only venues of all kinds seem to be just hunky-dory.

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