Masculinity Is Not Toxic, But It Might Be Diseased

Article here. Excerpt:

'The notion that masculinity in some forms might be diseased unsurprisingly pissed a lot of men off, at least initially. Masculinity is an integral part of the male identity that boys learn to perform, protect, and defend at all costs at a young age. Flood’s attempts to pathologize (and to some, even police) masculinity were perceived as a threat. People initially thought he hated men and was trying to emasculate them.

“We think masculinity is a wonderful part of humanity,” Flood, who co-authored the book Mascupathy: Understanding and Healing The Malaise of American Manhood in 2014, says. “We just believe that there is a disease process that goes on when we raise boys to cut off half of their humanity in order to pursue the pinnacle of masculinity.”'

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