Judge approves disabled veteran’s lawsuit against university for anti-male bias

Article here. Excerpt:

'Representing oneself in court is very difficult, let alone in a Title IX case where a wide array of facts, procedures and legal precedent must be carefully laid out.

It’s all the more noteworthy that a disabled veteran suing his former university for anti-male bias has successfully represented himself, to the point where his lawsuit will move into discovery.

A federal judge refused to dismiss several claims against the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth by John Harnois, who was a Ph.D. candidate in oceanography at the public university.

U.S. District Judge Richard Stearns approved four variations of Title IX claims against various university officials to move forward Oct. 28: selective enforcement, erroneous outcome, creation of a hostile environment and Title IX retaliation. Other approved claims were for due process and state civil rights violations.'

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