UK: Outgoing NSW Labor boss denounces 'nasty culture of sexism' after formally resigning

Article here. Excerpt:

'The outgoing Labor boss Kaila Murnain has slammed her party’s inability to grapple with its “nasty culture of sexism” and urged it to pursue “real and lasting reform” to improve integrity.

Murnain formally announced her resignation as NSW Labor general secretary on Thursday following explosive evidence heard at an anti-corruption probe that she had kept quiet for almost three years about unlawful donations from the Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo.

Murnain was suspended in August from the position she had held since 2016, when, at 29, she became the first woman to hold the top job in NSW Labor.

“The circumstances leading up to my election in 2016 were horrendous,” she said.

“Some of these events were reported in the media at the time, and some of these events have received more recent attention.

“However, I believe it is inarguable that our party has never fully grappled with the nasty culture of sexism which women face in politics.”'

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