MIB author told his 'mansplaining' about his own movie wasn't welcome

Article here. Excerpt:

'The writer of Men in Black had a very awkward encounter when he offered his first-hand knowledge to a pair of friends disagreeing over his 1997 film.

Ed Solomon took to Twitter Tuesday to tell how he was sitting in a cafe writing when the two women next to him were disagreeing about the origins of the movie Men in Black, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

The 59-year-old turned to them and said: 'If you'd like, I could clear that up for you.'

To which one woman snarkily replied: 'I'm sorry, we do not need an old white male's mansplanation,' clearly not recognizing Solomon.

'So I apologized and that was that,' Solomon said.'

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... and bigotry protect themselves by blocking out knowledge that dispells both.

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Just another ignorant bigot rad-fem femsplaining to men on when they should shut up, and what they can and cannot say. Don't you love it when these arrogant idiots try to control everyone around them.

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