3M IP counsel says executive buy-in critical to addressing dearth of women inventors

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Intellectual Property Owners Association’s newly released “tool kit” to increase the number of female inventors outlines in precise detail almost every step corporations and universities should take to close a gaping gender gap in corporate and academic innovation.
The dearth of female inventors and patent holders in the U.S. has been described as a national crisis. It has sparked calls to action from federal patent officials as well as members of Congress.'

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... male nurses isn't a crisis.

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Also, the dearth of male teachers, the dearth of female garbage collectors, the dearth of male secretaries, the dearth of female road workers, ...

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Thd dearth of women who die on the job.

The death gap is very real but I never hear feminists complaining about it.

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