Enough Leaning In. Let’s Tell Men to Lean Out.

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rarely do we stop to consider that many of life’s problems might be better explained by the alternative titles “Men Who Love Too Little,” “ … Think Too Little,” “ … Worry Too Little” or “ … Do Too Little.” But instead we assume without question that whatever men are doing or thinking is what we all should be aiming for.
So perhaps instead of nagging women to scramble to meet the male standard, we should instead be training men and boys to aspire to women’s cultural norms, and selling those norms to men as both default and desirable. To be more deferential. To reflect and listen and apologize where an apology is due (and if unsure, to err on the side of a superfluous sorry than an absent one). To aim for modesty and humility and cooperation rather than blowhard arrogance.'

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... the male sex to turn into a bunch of groveling sissies.

She must be a feminist or something.

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Have women adopt the same behavior--to be deferential, to listen, to apologize, to be modest and humble and cooperative.

I mean, women as a group, and especially feminists, have refused to listen to men for as long as I can remember. Do they give the male perspective heed? No. They just claim men have it all good and deride any man who says otherwise as a loser who can't get laid. Or married--see Elizabeth Warren's comments related to gay marriage.

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