'Used and dehumanized': Dozens of boys found chained in Nigeria

Article here. Excerpt:

'More than 300 boys and men, some as young as five and many in chains and bearing scars from beatings, have been rescued in a raid on a building that purported to be an Islamic school in northern Nigeria, police said on Friday.

Most of the freed captives seen by a Reuters reporter in the city of Kaduna were children, aged up to their late teens. Some shuffled with their ankles manacled and others were chained by their legs to large metal wheels to prevent escape.

One boy, held by the hand by a police officer as he walked unsteadily, had sores visible on his back that appeared consistent with injuries inflicted by a whip.

Some children had been brought from neighboring countries including Burkina Faso, Mali and Ghana, police said, while local media reports said others had been left by their parents in what they believed to be an Islamic school or rehabilitation center.'

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... it is for women in certain places in the world but what you don't typically hear about is how it's going for men in those places, too.

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What Matt writes is too true: if this had happened to girls, we would be seeing a hashtag campaign, international outrage, viral videos, media coverage for at least a week ... but it's only boys, so meh.

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