‘Censored’ Arndt joins Peterson

Article here. Excerpt:

'Controversial social commentator Bettina Arndt has teamed up with Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and joined his new platform, after her videos on feminism and male rights were “censored” by YouTube.

Arndt is one of a handful of commentators and academics asked to join Thinkspot, designed to promote free speech with podcasts, essays and videos. It is due to launch on September 30. “YouTube have been systematically censoring my videos, which had almost 700,000 viewers, and now for the last year they’ve been hiding my videos, denying me access to advertising, and now they only get around 7000,” she said.

“(YouTube) claims it contravenes regulations … it’s because I am challenging the feminist narrative.”

Peterson gained a massive following of more than 1.8 million people on YouTube after a series of videos criticising political correctness, and created Thinkspot as an “anti-censorship” platform for discussion.'

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The paywall doesn't seem to be jumpable. If anyone knows how to, please post.

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