Will Anyone Win in This Clash of #MeToo and Due Process?

Article here. Excerpt:

'The #MeToo movement has been entwined with controversy from the start. It has pushed into the light the enormous number of incidents of sexual abuse of women and girls that have been hidden in the shadows or brushed aside as part of the way things operate. The wave of cases and incidents now being recalled and reported by women is almost overwhelming. So is the anger. So is the backlash. And according to four Harvard law school professors, all female, so is the loss of due process in pursuing legal redress around cases of sexual abuse, particularly on college campuses.

These law professors consider themselves feminists and align with many of the goals and aims of the #MeToo movement. But their perspective on due process is winning applause from the Trump administration. This was not their intention, and it’s bringing no happiness to the rest of the movement.'

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