Men should think before attempting to be the 'Knight'

Here is a case where two young men were thrashed just because they had an argument with two women over 'parking'! The 20 + men who tried to 'save' the women, assumed that the men were at fault and now the two men are fighting for their lives. It's time we thought before taking action. To top it all, fake molestation charges have been framed. Excerpt:

'Two youths studying at the Amity University in Noida along with their classmates were brutally assaulted by a gang of around 25-30 men following a parking dispute with a girl.

As per journalist and filmmaker Deepika Bharadwaj, the incident is said to have happened inside the university after the victims and two girls got into a dispute when the latter reportedly refused to move her car. The boys have alleged that the girls had parked their car in the middle of the gate and refused to move it when requested.

The victims allege that about an hour after the dispute when they were attending classes, a mob of 25-30 young men, on the behest of the girls, barged into their classroom when the victims identified as Harsh and Madhav were brutally beaten using rods and nail ridden sticks.

The victims allege that the female teacher as well as the girl students present in the classroom also sustained injuries in the ruckus. Classmates who came to their aid were also assaulted using chairs.'

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