Study Finds Women-only STEM College Programs/Scholarships Amount to Male Discrimination

Article here. Excerpt:

'“While men may not have a natural ability advantage in STEM fields, the numerous government and other policy initiatives designed to get women interested in STEM fields may have the unintended effect of signaling to women an inherent lack of fit,” the Georgetown report reads.

Given the overwhelming female domination in neurobiology, environmental biology, and biology of global health, it is a fallacy to assert that STEM fields are inherently male and dominated by men. “Society keeps telling us that STEM fields are masculine fields, that we need to increase the participation of women in STEM fields, but that kind of sends a signal that it’s not a field for women, and it kind of works against keeping women in these fields,” Kugler explains.

Yet the Social Justice Warriors have manufactured a crisis by creating arbitrary quotas for STEM fields that are not being met, prompting the immediate knee-jerk reaction to institute policies that unfairly discriminate against males while simultaneously deterring women from entering those fields. And a vicious cycle occurs.'

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