Binary Victimhood

Essay here. Excerpt:

'Many systems in the world are, for the most part, binary. Off/On. Positive/Negative. Yes/No. Day/Night. Right/Left. Alive/Dead. ...

Victimhood is also binary. Women can be victims. Men can’t.

In reality, men are victims just as much as women, if not more. But, the rules of society do not allow for this reality. If you will forgive a little exaggeration, men are not allowed to be victims or to be seen as victims. (For the sake of clarity and conciseness, I will exaggerate, but I believe my exaggerations are close to the truth—concise, but not quite precise.) Women are encouraged to be victims and to be considered as victims. Women are encouraged to complain. More than this, victimhood for women is well-nigh demanded.

I believe these characteristics were imposed on us by sexual selection. Women have always looked for mates who were strong, productive, generous, and protective—men who could help women raise children. This has encouraged men to be chivalrous, clever enough to solve any problem, and able to provide food, shelter, and protection.

Men who could not provide these things, or were weak, or were victims, or had too many problems of their own were avoided by women. These men could not provide for and protect women and their children. This has led men to feel that they must be alpha-males, and they are not allowed to be or appear to be victims. And men aren’t allowed to complain.'

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