Woman Hits Her Boyfriend On The Head With A Laptop After He Looked At Another Woman On A Plane

Article here. Excerpt:

'Here's how you can approach the situation if you have an angry damsel creating a ton of drama, which is unpleasant:

(1) Reason Out The Situation With Her

If something is making her so mad at you, maybe try and pacify her before it escalates to another different level. Answer her questions or just tell her what she needs to hear, especially if you're in a public space and sort it out later amongst yourselves, when you have the time and space to.

(2) Show A Bit Of Authority And Ask Her To Step Aside With You

If you really want to finish talking about it, authoritatively ask her to step aside with you and talk about it and finish the matter then and there instead of making public spectacle over it.

(3) Give Her A Hug

Yup, a hug can work if she's hysterical or livid. Just make sure it doesn't worsen the situation. Any form of physical affection usually gives one comfort and releases whatever stress they're holding onto. So if you have your girlfriend absolutely losing her mind on you, approach her steadfastly and hug her till she calms down.'

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... places the anger mgt burden on the bf when it ought to be on the gf. She's responsible for managing her own expressions of anger, not him. Her behavior isclassic nutty abusive-controlling stuff.

His job's not to find ways to placate her but rather to ditch her post-haste. He can do w/out her in his life.

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