Australia: Mining safety committee closed due to lack of "gender parity"; deaths mount up

Article here. Excerpt:

'On Sunday 27-year-old Jack Gerdes suffered fatal head injuries at the Baralaba North coal mine, west of Gladstone.

He was found "entangled in an excavator access ladder" about 2:00am, the Department of Mines and Energy said.

Six hours later, another man in his 50s was seriously injured in fall at a mine in Collinsville in the Bowen Basin.

The death takes the fatality total to six over the last year — making it the worst year for mining deaths since 1997.
Shortly before the State Government headed into crisis talks this afternoon, it was revealed a mining safety committee has been idle for six months because it could not reach a gender quota — during which time four miners have died.

The Mine Health and Safety Advisory Committee was dissolved in late 2018, before a spate of deaths that has thrown the industry into the spotlight.'

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I know I've said this before but the truest measure of privilege is society caring more about one group's emotional well-being than another group's physical/actual well-being. In this case, screw Male workers' safety because a handful of women will have hurt feels if the gender makeup of the committee us realistic instead of 50/50 (most miners are Male after all, seeing that women overwhelmingly refuse to do tough dirty, dangerous work of this nature). Now to steal one of Matt's usual gems: gynocentrism knows no bounds.

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