UK: Open letter calls for cancellation of anti-feminist group’s meeting in Sidgwick

Article here. Excerpt:

'An open letter, signed by over 240 people, is protesting an event scheduled to be held next month by the anti-feminist group ‘Justice for Men and Boys’ (J4MB) in the Alison Richard Building on Sidgwick Site. The open letter is addressed to vice chancellor Stephen Toope.

With the event being organised by J4MB for the 24th May, a description of the event on the group’s website reads: “I am pleased to announce a new strategy for J4MB, engaging with university students and academics, particularly those studying or teaching subjects close to our mission”.

The letter calls for the event to be cancelled, and failing that, asks for it to be “moved to a non-departmental University venue” so individuals can choose to be present at the time of the event. It argues that the event is not “in line with the values and mission of the University, especially our stated core value of “freedom from discrimination”.'

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... the first thing you do is try to stop them from saying anything.

Yes. That is the mature thing to do.

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students will only hear what a real education was, in days of yore.

once upon a time, in a place far, far away, people actually taught subjects that made other people uncomfortable. tests were administered and letter grades were given to reflect a student's grasp of the coursework. yes children, it was barbaric and all that ended when we all became one gender and masculinity was abolished. now those born male are immediately castrated and live to serve their feminine betters.

go ahead, laugh, while you still can. 1984 is here.

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