Is Fresno run by ‘mediocre white guys’? Some think so. Here’s what numbers show

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women employees in the city of Fresno are outnumbered three to one by their male counterparts. Are city leaders concerned about that?

Data obtained by The Bee through a public records request shows out of 3,370 employees who work for the city, 75 percent are men.

Fresno’s largest departments are police and fire, traditionally male-dominated fields. Fresno Fire Department has just six women firefighters, including the chief. And the police department is 76 percent male. Other departments, such as public utilities and public works, are more than 80 percent male.
“The higher up the structure you go, you’ll find women and men of color who are stars, and then you’ll find a bunch of mediocre white guys,” Forbes said. “That’s a hard reality, but I swear it’s the truth.”

That’s because when it comes to promotions, men and women are judged differently, Forbes said. Women are judged by their accomplishments, while men are judged by potential.

Government agencies typically put more emphasis on fairness and equality in the hiring process compared to private sector businesses, but those “safeguards” aren’t always in place at every level when it comes to promoting, Forbes said. Promotions often are affected by implicit bias, gender stereotypes, privilege and “homologous reproduction,” meaning managers hire more people like themselves.'

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Is there any other class of person than the white male who is not more obsessed over?

It's like we're movie stars. People just can't stop talking about us. :)

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