Men have to make gender equality their business, says CEO of woman-first coworking company

Article here. Excerpt:

'Nelson also has rules for communication at The Riveter designed to keep conversation open and civil. When she worked as a lawyer, Nelson says men would sometimes talk over her in meetings or repeat an idea she had just put forth. She makes it a policy now to call out those men, to make them aware of their behavior and how it affects others in the workplace. “It might embarrass him the first time it happens,” Nelson says. “We all get embarrassed at work. I think we have to accept that and embrace that as part of the learning process.”'

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The article says all genders are welcome though it's a women-only coworking space. Hmmm. And 30% of its members are men.

I seriously doubt the veracity of that statement.

I suppose it's possible to look PC there are men with memberships. But I doubt they go to the actual space much.

In fact I bet most of the members don't go to it. I think a lot of these things are for virtue-signalling on the part of the members and money-collecting on the part of the owners.

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I'd be one of the first to make gender equity my business, if and when I see any evidence of it. All I see in these kinds of initiatives is extreme gender bias, radical feminism dressed up as equity, and an expectation that men should put the benefit women before their own welbeing yet again.

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