Woman 'infatuated' with Columbine dead following massive 'manhunt'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Law enforcement is continuing to investigate whether the teen at the center of a statewide manhunt acted alone.

The search for Sol Pais ended Wednesday at the base of Mount Evans when she was found dead near Echo Lake.

“She appeared to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” said FBI Denver Special Agent in Charge Dean Phillips. “It appears she took her own life.”'

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... is the press' use of "manhunt". The media bends over backward to use gender-neutral language even when to do so is ludicrous yet in this case it uses "manhunt" even when the hunted is a woman.

It's gender bias cognitive dissonance in action. The typical person just can't envision a woman acting this way so she becomes a "man-designate" by language simply because "women just don't do those kinds of things." Amazing to see it in action.

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