‘Equal Pay Day’ this year is April 2 — the next ‘Equal Occupational Fatality Day’ is on May 3, 2030

Article here. Excerpt:

'Every year the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) publicizes “Equal Pay Day” to bring public attention to the gender earnings gap. According to the NCPE, “Equal Pay Day” falls this year on Tuesday, April 2 based on an approximate 20% difference in unadjusted, raw median annual earnings according to either Census Bureau or BLS data, and therefore allegedly represents how far into 2019 women will have to continue working to earn the same income that the men earned in 2018, supposedly for doing the same job. Inspired by Equal Pay Day, I introduced “Equal Occupational Fatality Day” in 2010 to bring public attention to the huge gender disparity in work-related deaths every year in the United States. “Equal Occupational Fatality Day” tells us how many years and days into the future women will be able to continue to work before they will experience the same number of occupational fatalities that occurred for men in the previous year.

Last December, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released final data on workplace fatalities in 2017, and a new “Equal Occupational Fatality Day” can now be calculated. As in previous years, the graphic above shows the significant gender disparity in workplace fatalities in 2017: 4,761 men died on the job (92.5% of the total) compared to only 386 women (7.5% of the total). The “gender occupational fatality gap” in 2017 was again considerable — more than 12 men died on the job for every woman who died while working.'

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