Humor: Public masturbation: it's for women, too!

Article here. The cops are after her? I only thought it was illegal when a man did it. Excerpt:

'Sarah Hinkson, 37, draped herself across four seats on the Hammersmith and City line while touching herself and moaning loudly in February. 

Hinkson's hand was allegedly still down her trousers when she was arrested by police officers at King's Cross station.

Passenger Anthony Burton – who is visually impaired in one eye – told City of London Magistrates' Court he boarded at Paddington after being escorted into the front carriage with his guide dog.

He said: “I was suddenly aware of a banging noise and I thought it was something mechanical but I noticed that to my right there was a lady who was laying out across three or four seats.

"She was banging her foot against the seat or the glass which was making the noise.'

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Odds are she'll get the usual p****y pass. -_-

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