Scotland: 'Groundbreaking' new domestic abuse law comes into force

Article here. Excerpt:

'A new law has come into force that makes psychological domestic abuse and controlling behaviour a crime.

It will be supported by a Scottish government awareness campaign aimed at improving public understanding of the wide-ranging nature of the problem.

The Scottish Parliament passed the Domestic Abuse Act in February last year.

Police Scotland said officers have been given extra training in preparation for the change in law.

The legislation covers not just physical abuse, but psychological and emotional treatment and coercive and controlling behaviour, where abusers isolate their victim from their friends and relatives or control their finances.

It takes account of the full breadth of violent, threatening, intimidating and other controlling behaviour which can destroy a victim's autonomy and further recognises the adverse impact domestic abuse can have on children.'

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... have a romantic partner since there has yet to be a rel'p be it gay or str8, sexual or not, wherein someone doesn't do something that qualifies as abusive.

Scotland's really bleeding edge in the NPG cause!

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