Malawians blasts the US: ‘We don’t need aid for circumcision’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Malawians have questioned the motives of the US and other Western NGOs that are promoting circumcision despite evidence showing that the questionable initiative does not reduce HIV as claimed. Vetting their anger and frustrations on social media, the people took to task the US for “prioritizing sex” and not real development.

The US announced a $6.8 million (K3.8 billion) aid to support male circumcision which the US Ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer, said has “has potential” to curb the spread of HIV.

But all the comments that Malawi24 monitored on a story published by one of the local online publications expressed dismay at the focus of the aid, with many hinting that circumcision is not an effective means to fighting the spread of HIV.'

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