To the White Men Running to Be the Democratic Presidential Candidate: Can You Not?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Bernie Sanders announced his 2020 campaign for president the same day Elizabeth Warren released her plan for subsidized childcare and I nearly had an aneurysm.
I have another idea for Bernie, Beto, and Joe Biden, who recently called the gay-hating, anti-abortion Mike Pence “a decent guy:” Don’t.

There are four highly qualified women running in the Democratic primary—across a range of ideologies and experience—but an influx of men have entered the mix without offering a clear rationale for themselves beyond that they can and want to run. That’s not to mention several pathetic hints that they’d make things right by adding one of those woman to the bottom of their ticket, sort of like Geraldine Ferraro, who made history as the first Democratic female nominee for vice president 35 years ago.'

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The message'd be the same. It comes down to offering voters choices. It seems the author wants to limit voters' choices based on indellible characteristics. Wasn't feminism supposed to be vs. that sort of thing?

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Just another sad empty feminist full of hate and bitterness. Maybe she needs her hate and bias to mitigate feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. Whatever.

Suggesting candidates should withdraw to provide a level playing field for equity is about as coherent as her ideological hatred of men.

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I just view an article like this as evidence that the extreme political left has cannibalized itself to the point that it very well may be on its deathbed.

I actually agree with this article somewhat. At this point, the men running as DEM candidates might as well drop out. With all of the endless displays of lunacy over the past several years, I am convinced that the DEMs don't stand a chance of winning the presidency in 2020.

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They have nothing except virtue-signalling. If they do have an agenda it's preposterous: the GND. That isn't remotely realistic. Aside from that, what are they offering? "Trump is bad!" That's the only message. Not enough to win.

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The strongest candidates are either wash-ups or lack agendas. Plus they're busy apologizing for their white skin and penises. Their supporters even question how and why they support them.

It's dystopic.

They agree on one thing only: Trump is bad, bad, bad. But they offer no viable alternatives. At least Trump has a platform that is at least supported by a plurality of voters over the different planks-as-platform that the Dem contenders have. They do have planks here and there. Just no platforms.

Really, that American politics has gotten so... uninspiring... is a source of disappointment. Perhaps this is what happens when your country is A-1 in the world. What is there left to do?

Well there IS the problem of opioid addiction. I'd support a candidate who aggressively took that on as a major plank.

And hey, how about men's rights issues? Now there'd be a very supportable candidate!

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