Cern cuts ties with 'sexist' scientist Alessandro Strumia

Article here. Excerpt:

'Cern has decided not to extend Professor Alessandro Strumia’s status of guest professor.

Prof Strumia told BBC News that he stood by his remarks.

"Some people hated hearing about higher male variance: this idea comes from Darwin, like other offensive ideas that got observational support," he told BBC News.

"Science is not about being offended when facts challenge ideas held as sacred".

He added that he believed that he had not been fairly treated.

"For months, Cern kept 'investigating' if my 30-minute talk might have violated Cern rules [requiring an] 'obligation to exercise reserve and tact in expressing personal opinions and communication to the public'," Prof Strumia said.

"In such a case, they would have opened some procedure, where I would have been able [to defend] myself. This never happened."

Last September, Professor Strumia stated that “physics was invented and built by men, it's not by invitation" at a presentation at the Cern the workshop.'

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... as applied to Physics. Hmm, I wonder what that'll look like. Will blue quarks be considered sexist because blue is a boy color? Will pink quarks be given preferential treatment in nuclear reactions now?

The mind fairly boggles.

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