She lied about a rape and left her pets to die

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Tri-City father of 12 was twice arrested in November 2016 for “violent and hateful crimes” involving his former wife.

Each time, he sat in jail trying to understand how or why he was there and account for every second of every day to prove he never raped, beat or threatened to kill Christine M. Gillum.

It was an “absolute hellish eternity,” the man recently said in court. “I have always been taught it is ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ (but) disgracefully in my case that is the last thing I experienced.”

“I was branded as guilty from the moment the first lie was told and, after the first one, they just kept coming,” he added. “In this situation, it wasn’t until the fabricator got caught up in her own web that the truths would begin to unravel.”'

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