Why The Anti-Men ‘Galentine’s Day’ Is Nothing To Celebrate

Article here. Excerpt:

'Because of the absence of real, widespread discrimination against women, SJWs must create it. Propping up Galentine's Day (link added) as a holiday isn’t about celebrating women, but tearing down men and shoehorning an SJW agenda into existing traditions. For example, HuffPost discussed how to refer to non-binary lovers in 2016. How long until we hear demands that drugstores carry “To My Beloved Bothfriend” cards?

To feed the beasts, women’s media must make overtures to feminist social justice warriors. This includes trashing the Trump women, featuring a plus-size model or celebrity on the cover once a year, and hocking kitschy feminist gear in holiday-gift spreads on “holidays” like Galentine’s Day.

There is no harm in celebrating your lady friends on Galentine’s Day, of course. It’s certainly great for the booming market of wine and “YAAASSSS QWEEN” tchotchkes. It may seem silly to give so much credence to a made-up holiday, but as Andrew Breitbart said, “Politics is downstream from culture.”'

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