Toxic indeed - Covington School incident is telling

Story here. Posting comment is in story's first comment. Excerpt:

'A video that shows white high school students in Make America Great Again hats and shirts mocking a Native American elder shocked the country, leading to widespread denunciations of the teens' behavior.

It was a moment in a bigger story that is still unfolding.

new video that surfaced Sunday shows what happened before and after the encounter Friday in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

In the new video, another group taunts the students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky with disparaging and vulgar language. The group of black men, who identify as members of the Hebrew Israelites, also shout racist slurs at participants of the Indigenous Peoples Rally and other passersby.

The new video adds context to an encounter viewed by many as the latest sign of bigotry infecting the country. Screenshots of a smirking teen staring down Omaha tribe elder Nathan Phillips spread through the internet, sparking widespread outrage.'

Statement of Nick Sandmann, Covington Catholic High School junior, regarding incident at the Lincoln Memorial

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Toxic? Racism sure is and anyone can be racist. Did the non-white men here exhibit it? Yes indeed though most so-called progressives insist a non-white can't be racist. You decide after watching the vids. I have known literally hundreds of non-white men and if they didn't like me because of my skin color they hid it well. I am confident the great bulk of men of all colors are not racists the way these guys showed it. As for why post this: would these boys have been targeted by the men who harassed them had they been girls? No way. They would not have dared. These boys now have learned early that they are by virtue of being male more likely to be harassed and assailed because of *whatever*, in this case, skin color. A lesson to learn earlier vs. later though one they shouldn't have to learn at all.

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