When men rebel

I would just like to point out that the popular uprising now in France spreading to other countries is being spontaneously driven by men. Once you leave men with little or no recourse, you make rebellion inevitable. I will bet if you ask a fair number of these men in yellow vests how they feel about the direction feminism has taken their societies, they'll have some pretty stark opinons. As go the men, so goes the nation.

One article here. Excerpt:

'The “Yellow Vest” protests he is a part of present an extraordinary venting of rage and resentment by ordinary working people, aimed at the mounting inequalities that have eroded their lives. The unrest began in response to rising gas taxes and has been building in intensity over the past three weeks, peaking on Saturday.

With little organization and relying mostly on social media, they have moved spontaneously from France’s poor rural regions over the last month to the banks of the Seine, where they have now become impossible to ignore.
In places like these, a quiet fear gnaws at households: What happens when the money runs out around the 20th? What do I put in the refrigerator with nothing left in the account and the electricity bill to pay? Which meal should I skip today? How do I tell my wife again there is no going out this weekend?'

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