Toxic Masculinity And What We Can Do To Stop It

Article here. Excerpt:

'Way says that our culture needs to respond, “not in flipping the hierarchy so that stereotypically feminine behavior is on top and masculine behavior is on bottom. We simply have to stop gendering and sexualizing core human capacities and needs. The conversation has to be focused on disrupting stereotypes by listening to young people who tell us explicitly that such stereotypes are not true. The solution, in other words, lies within our nature. We have the natural capacity to find what we most want and need to thrive. Now our task is to create a culture that nurtures our nature rather than gets in its way.”'

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It's clear multiple versions of "toxic masculinity" are floating around. One kind condemns masculinity itself as innately toxic. Other definitions seem to suggest subcultures of masculinity are toxic while others not. I'd rate this version as "developmental toxicity". Well for what that is worth.

I think clarifying the definition of "toxic masculinity" before going into a discussion of it would be a good idea for every author of an article or book on it.

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