Ed Department investigating anti-male discrimination at Yale

Article here. Excerpt:

'The U.S. Department of Education has launched a Title IX investigation into Yale University amid allegations that the institution offers educational programs and scholarship opportunities that exclude men.

According to a letter dated April 26, the department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is investigating seven Yale initiatives, including the Yale Women Faculty Forum, the Working Women’s Network, the Yale University Women’s Organization, and the Yale Women’s Campaign School.

These initiatives allegedly provide, to varying degrees, scholarships, professional development, academic opportunities, and summer programs exclusively to female students and professors, the complaint alleges.'

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When Fidel Castro overthrew the Cuban gov't, it's fair to say they didn't take his complaints seriously until he was pointing a gun to their heads. Even then it's also probably fair to say they were then only pretending to care. That's probably why he just shot them and dumped their bodies off the balcony.

Likewise, anti-male discrimination will only be redressed with guns to heads. And even then, redress will only come by force, not sense of rightness or justice.

Sad but true. Hard to say when that day will come. Possibly not for a few generations. But history has shown that when women are oppressed in some way, they adapt to it, conform, and so long as they are being protected and provided for, will tolerate it. If by chance they rebel, they do so via social action. Perhaps that is because they can be more successful by lobbying men to implement the changes they want versus forcing them to happen themselves.

In contrast, as history shows, when men are or feel oppressed, they will not be heard unless they force the powers that be to heel. There are so many examples of this in history, it's hard to know where to begin. The US Revolution. The US Civil War. The Cuban Revolution. The French Revolution. The Indian Wars (in those cases, the Indians rebelled vs. European advances). The English Civil War. The list goes on and on.

Anyone see the movie The Handmaid's Tale? I did, a long time ago. How did the society become what it was? There was some kind of revolution. It's not clear what the impelling causes were exactly but this much was clear: the men who overthrew the gov't were pissed about something they perceived as intolerable a state. Enough of them got annoyed enough to take action. The details aren't made clear, but that is how the depicted society got so messed up.

Again, notice WHO did the violent overthrowing and why. Answer: men. Why? Because no one was listening to whatever complaints they had.

"Why men rebel"... an age-old question. I think I have the answer. Men rebel when that seems to them the only means of redress left to them. Sometimes rebellion results in revolution (eg: the US Revolution). Sometimes, the rebellion is put down (eg: the US Civil War). But no matter what, the MO stays the same: no redress leads to violent uprisings.

So as a student of history in college, I wonder just when... and how bad will it have to get... before western society sees violent insurrections by men, as men, over social issues like the rights of men?

If I had to guess... and assuming things keep going as they are, picking up at the current rate too... I can see 2100. Around the same time the US will probably begin to dis-integrate as a 50-state entity.

Being born in 2075 is gonna kind of suck.

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