Top 10 Reasons Why No One Should Be a Feminist

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'Language is important. What would a movement under a gender biased name like masculism be about? Let’s say that somewhere it is “officially” stated it is about gender equality, and that the main purpose of this movement is to deal with the grave problem of male disposability. How long would it take for this movement to grow additional masculist “theories”, hyperboles, and engage in protracted struggle to skew the system into one direction? How long would it take before being anti-masculist was taken as being anti-male?

The truth is, both sexes were disposable. In this excellent bestseller, The Myth of Male Power: Why Men are the Disposable Sex, psychologist Warren Farrell makes a compelling case that, like with all other species, survival was the framework that drove the gender positioning: women risked death in childbirth; men risked death in conflicts with other tribes and the environment. However, there is a critical difference: women’s disposability stemmed from biology; men’s disposability required socialization.

When you have a movement called feminism, it becomes very difficult to engage in an objective dialog about the true nature of things. As you try to have it, any criticism all too easily becomes conflated with attack on the female gender itself.

Furthermore, we have perfectly fine words like humanitarian or egalitarian. No extra baggage necessary.'

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Only thing I'd say is that "first wave" feminism wasn't feminism. It was the women's rights movement and despite it h@ving some unsavory characters who were among other things avowed racists, and also some hyperbole that acted as a foreshadow of things to come (SBA and her "Men Their Rights and Nothing More..." masthead, etc.), it was basically about ensuring women had the same legal rights as men, especially voting, inheritance, property ownership, etc., which in many states already existed, but not all. Getting those states into the fold was important in the name of democracy and justice and the movement quickly succeeded.

Fast-forward about 100 years and you get what's labelled as "second wave feminism", which was in fact the women's liberation movement. That was more about women trying to get other women (and themselves) to view themselves differently, and in particular to stop looking to men to provide/pay for them. (They did not succeed at this task, as nearly every man who's ever been on a date with a woman or been in a non-Platonic living or similar situation with one can tell you.) Other things included urging women to look upon themselves as sexual beings for their own pleasure and not for that of others or as a means to an end; this included encouraging women to consider homo- or bisexuality as a lifestyle as a further means if gaining greater autonomy from men as a class.

However in order to do all this, the comfort zone of women needed to be challenged. It was rather pleasant in many ways, if unfulfilling in others, to be staying home and "keeping house", chasing after kids, etc., if that was what a woman basically wanted and was taught was her role. To get her out of that mind-set, women's liberationists had to convince other women that this was a "domestic prison", a trap laid by someone for them that they had to escape not just eventually, but as soon as possible! Of course this particular trap couldn't *possibly* have been laid by themselves (i.e., via their own expectations, taught to them or not, about themselves), so it was put on men -- on a "patriarchy". That was to blame! And by giving them this external enemy, which came in the form of men and society-at-large, it gave them something to get angry with, and the energy needed to break off from their self-images and for many of them, their husbands, typically making off with any minor children, alimony payments, and of course, child support. Aside even from that windfall, for some, this was indeed liberating personally and so for them, was a good thing. But it came at a price others paid (typically blind-sided and disillusioned ex-husbands and very confused and upset children), and which in many ways, others continue to pay to this day. It also allowed the most extreme among them to become very powerful.

This set the stage for what is now called third-wave feminism, or actual feminism. Men and maleness have been cast as the class enemy at every level of women and femaleness and there is only one solution: female supremacy leading eventually to the eradication of "the male species" from humanity. And it is this mind-set which today drives the incessant anti-male campaign that western societies are soaked in.

Just Say No.

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