Dallas Mother Ruled Insane, Not Guilty of Throwing Sons From Overpass

Article here.

'DALLAS -- A Dallas woman accused of throwing her two children from a freeway overpass and then jumping off the 20-foot-high span has been found not guilty by reason of insanity.

A judge in Dallas ruled Thursday in the trial of Khandi Busby, who was charged with attempted murder and injury to a child. The judge then ordered her to spend roughly 30 days in a state mental institution, MyFoxDFW.com reports.

Investigators say the boys were ages 6 and 8 when they were injured after being thrown from the highway overpass on March 12, 2008. They were treated and placed in foster care, where they remain.

Defense attorney David Pire says Busby felt God had told her to throw her sons off the bridge to protect them from Satan.

Relatives say Busby is bipolar and had stopped taking her medication.'

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If I have epilepsy and I am on meds to control it since I might collapse or have a petite mal seizure and become non-responsive while, say, driving, and I wreck my car after deciding I should stop taking the meds since I am "fine now" and also know better than any damned doctor, well, then, after I kill someone in the accident, I ought to be let off?

No, of course, if I am male. But female? Then yes.

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that when all this dies down she will start getting her rights back.
then the kids will wind up dead somewhere. it has happened a lot in the past.
these pisants will bend over backwards to make sure EVERY woman is coddled,
under the law.

just read about Fla. 'finally' giving gays the right to adopt children.
everybody is calling it a great step toward equality.
"two fathers are better than none", they say.
when did they become better than just one?

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From now on I view any man convicted of domestic violence as being temporarily insane and therefore not responsible for his actions.
30 days in a state mental ward is the maximum confinement he should have to endure.

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