Guilty verdict in '09 stabbing, 5 years for Murder

Story here. Excerpt:

'A woman who had faced a possible life prison sentence for the 2009 stabbing that left a housemate dead instead will spend up to five years behind bars.

After about 35 minutes of deliberation, jurors found Melinda Ann Chatelain, 40, guilty of negligent homicide, a far less serious charge than the second-degree-murder conviction prosecutors sought. Negligent homicide carries up to five years in prison. She is scheduled for sentencing Oct. 12 in state District Court Johnny Walker's courtroom.'

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Let's see...
If I, as a man, am drunk, have a knife and stab and kill a girl, think I'd get off with just 5 years as "negligent homicide"?!
Five years - that's what a man's life is worth - according to the jury.

Her attorney congratulated her and said, “My client was very happy."
No kidding.


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She certainly would've gotten more time if she killed a woman. With a man, it was "negligent" homicide because she neglected to clean up the blood stains.

We ain't worth much.

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